Bizarre Laws All Around the World

Without laws to follow, the world would plunge into anarchy. Laws govern nations, dictate what should or shouldn’t be done, provide order between two entities, protect citizens, and help promote social stability. Break the law, and you will suffer consequences, ranging from fines to death.

If you read of the laws defined in a nation’s constitution, you will find out that most laws are formulated with a lot of sense. However, you can also find a smattering of laws that will make you scratch your head in bewilderment. Here are some of the world’s strangest laws that will make you wonder what went into the mind of the lawmakers when they passed these bills to Congress.

Victoria, Australia

  • Don’t change a light bulb yourself if you are not a qualified electrician. Doing so will get you into legal trouble. Call a licensed electrician if you want your bathroom to light up again.
  • Even if it’s your favorite pair of pants, you are not allowed to wear your hot pink pants at noon on a Sunday.


  • Honor and respect of family is very important to the Japanese. In fact, they even have a law that allows an elder brother to marry a younger brother’s hand in marriage. Then, the two should agree on the arrangement. There are similar laws that exist in other Asian countries, laws that demonstrate the ancient beliefs, values, and morals regarding high respect for elders.
  • Bringing an over-the-counter medication for allergies, sinuses, and cold can get you into trouble, especially if the medicine contains pseudoephedrine and codeine. Examples of medicines with such ingredient are Vicks inhalers or Sudafed. Under the country’s anti-stimulant drug laws, these ordinary drugs are prohibited.

United Arab Emirates

  • Public displays of affection such as hugging and holding hands may give you, at worse, mischievous stares in your country. But in the United Arab Emirates where most residents are conservative Moslems, showing your love to your partner in public view can get you into huge legal travel. In fact, amorous tourists have landed in jail for such “crime.”


  • Be careful if you decide to enjoy pillow fights with your friends when you’re in Germany. That’s because pillows are defined as “passive weapons.” That means, you could be charged for pillow fights.


  • This is going to be a bit gross, but here goes. According to UK law, a pregnant woman is allowed to relieve anywhere she wishes to, including a cop’s helmet. Now, as a sane and decent person, you would readily head to the toilet, but are there really people who just relieve anywhere
  • The following law is no longer in effect, but it is still worth mentioning. It is actually illegal to die in the House of Parliament. I don’t really know how this could be implemented properly; I mean, would you know, in advance, where you’ll die? What if you’re an aging Parliament member and you suddenly suffered a massive heart attack while the Parliament is in session?


  • Cashiers can legally refuse purchases paid by stacks of coins. That is according to Canada’s Currency Act.

Do you know of any more bizarre laws in your country? Share them here!

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