How Car Insurance In Thailand Can Help You With Your Bail Bond

Car Insurance In Thailand: How It Can Help You With Bail Surety

We all know just how important car insurance is, yet not all policies are the same. In Thailand, there are 3 main types of car insurance: Classes 1, 2 and 3. Let’s take a look at the 3 forms of auto insurance and what they cover.

  1. Class 1 Insurance – Also known as fully comprehensive insurance, this is ideal for a new car. Indeed, if you buy a new car on finance, it is stipulated that the vehicle must have Class 1 insurance, at least until the loan is fully paid. Class 1 covers any damage to your car, as well as any damage to 3rd party vehicles. It also covers theft, internal damage, windscreen breakages and just about everything else. This is obviously the most expensive cover, yet if you are an experienced driver who happens to have had zero accidents, you are more than likely paying for cover you’ll never need. Some insurers reward experienced drivers in the form of a no-claims discount.
  • Class 2 Insurance – Very similar to Class 1, with lower amount limits and this policy also covers theft; should your vehicle be stolen, the insurer will pay up to a pre-agreed limit. Should there be a fire and your car is damaged, you are covered with Class 2 insurance, as well as cover for 3rd party vehicles and your own vehicle (up to a limit).
  • Class 3 Insurance – Known as 3rd party fire 7 theft, this policy suits an old car and an experienced driver who is unlikely to make a claim. There is a special policy on Class 3 insurance (or ประกันภัย รถยนต์ 3 in Thai) from a leading provider and you may be able to find one online. It also provides details that include bail cover in the event of a criminal case.

What Is A Criminal Case?

In the event a person is killed in a car accident, this automatically becomes a criminal matter, and usually, the court sets a bail amount. If you can’t raise that money, in jail you will stay until the case is heard, which could be months or even years. Class 3+ car insurance covers a bail surety, should it ever be required, which means you will not have to endure a few months in a Thai jail, which is definitely not recommended.

No Fault Of Your Own

There are many examples when drivers find themselves in a criminal investigation. Should you be driving home after a few beers and a child ran out in front of you and the worst happened, you would be breathalysed and if found to be over the limit, your insurance would be invalid. This means you are now facing a lawsuit from the family and the judge might feel it is appropriate to set a high bail bond for the person facing charges of drunk driving, not to mention manslaughter.

While it is unlikely that you will need bail in your life, if the worst happens and you have Class 3+ car insurance, your bail is covered.

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