Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Conflict In The Workplace

Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Conflict In The Workplace

When there is a conflict in your workplace, you will need to do everything you can to resolve it quickly and minimise the disruption to your business and employees. If you let the conflict fester, it may blow up and become more serious, and it is worthwhile taking legal advice when a situation like this arises.

There are some common conflicts you find in the workplace, and some of these are listed below to help you know what to look out for so you can nip it in the bud quickly.

Poor Communication

One of the most significant contributors to workplace conflict is a lack of communication, which can cause things to spiral out of control. You can often get into a place of he said she said, which will leave you going round in circles when this happens. If you find yourself in a situation such as this, you may need to consider seeking free HR advice for employers from a reputable company to help you deal with the situation.

A Clash Of Personalities

You can also have two strong personalities which clash, which is also common in the workplace. Whether you can resolve this situation amicably will depend on the people involved. Still, one of the people will often need to leave or be moved to a different area to help resolve the tension this situation can cause. However, you must ensure you do not infringe the rights of any of your workers, so you may need to seek assistance from a reputable company to help you deal with situations like these.

A Workplace Romance

There is a valid reason most companies frown upon workplace romances, as they can often lead to tears and create a hostile working environment for everyone. When two people have been having a relationship that ends badly and suddenly, it can be unpleasant for everyone involved. However, you cannot single out one of the people and force them to leave. Seek legal advice on the best way to move forward from a company specialising in employment law and resolution services.

Some Workers Getting Preferential Treatment

You can also find that when one worker gets treated favourably over other employees, this can cause conflict and more significant problems. There may be a blossoming workplace romance which is why someone is getting preferential treatment over others which you will need to address quickly. All workers need to see that nobody gets treated better than others, or it could start dividing your workforce, and productivity will take a dive.


It is common in areas such as sales to find strong personalities with a competitive streak, leading to people clashing. There is always someone in a working environment that wants to be the best and is happy to be vocal about it. If you have people like this in your organisation, you will need a solid leader to manage these people and help to diffuse conflicts before they increase.

Having a competitive edge can be good for your business, but when it causes conflict, you will want to stamp it out quickly from the workplace before it affects your business and profitability.

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