Why Land Surveys Are Crucial When Buying Property

Before you buy any piece of property or land, a land survey must be done. Don’t trust the fences, they are often deceiving. These fences, hedges or parking lots can often mislead you to think about them being reliable boundary markers. Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly a way for you to know what it is that you are looking to buy and own unless a survey has already been conducted. You wouldn’t exactly know where the boundaries lie either if there hasn’t been a survey for the last two years on that property.

It might be a good idea to see over some older legal descriptions of the properties you are interested in, especially those that reference some hardscaping, landscaping and shrubs that had been removed years and years ago. You would not likely know if there are any trees and shrubs being cut down a few years before if you don’t get a survey for that land. But when you do, you would be surprised at where the boundary of the property would lie. You may not know it but the fence that you have on your property might actually be trespassing on your neighbour’s property and that their land is actually bleeding over your fence. To make it better on yourself, you should contact Castle Surveys Ltd chartered surveyors Leicester has to offer for that survey you will need.

Title insurance requires a new survey

There is a possibility that if there is no survey, the insurance might not be able to cover the problems that would have been revealed during the survey. This means that if you have a dispute between you and your neighbour regarding property boundaries, then your claim might not be as strong as you initially thought.

Surveys can prevent hefty boundary disputes

Like we stated above, any disputes regarding which property belongs to who can be avoided if the survey is done. If there is proof on who that land belongs, then chances are, there might be some fights and feuds that can be avoided.

Surveys becomes outdated

As is with everything else that requires technology in the process, the mapping technology in particular, is updated quite regularly. So, you can guess that the technology used back in the 1990s is no longer usable in this age. Even the surveyor of the time cannot validate much anymore.

Even if your bank doesn’t require it, get a survey anyway

Banks often won’t require a survey, even if they need an inspection or an appraisal. The bank is relying upon the title insurance company and the attorney to make sure that the legal description of the entire property that the buyer plans on purchasing matches the boundaries accurately.

In conclusion, you could avoid so many problems if the property you want to purchase has been surveyed properly.

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