Worst-Case Scenarios: What To Do If You Are Arrested

This article offers the reader useful information on what to do in the event they are arrested and charged with committing a criminal offence.

It is everyone’s worst nightmare, to be cautioned by a police officer and placed under arrest and while it is very unlikely to ever happen to you, anything is possible. In this short article, we offer some important information about how to handle being arrested.

Remain Calm

Getting upset isn’t going to do you any good at all. The arresting office is not going to change their mind just because you don’t like what is happening. Try to remember that the arresting officers are merely doing their job; there is nothing personal in their actions, they are only following orders.

Do Not Say Anything

Other than confirming your identity, you should not say anything until you get to speak to a lawyer. Of course, you’ll probably want to know where to find the top legal defenders such as the Thailand litigation solicitors, and Google should be able to help you in that regard. The reasons for this? You might say something that incriminates you and as anything you do say can be used as evidence in a court of law. This is something the arresting officer must inform you of when placing you under arrest; failing to do that can result in the arrested person being acquitted on a technicality.

Ask To Speak To A Lawyer

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Once you have been arrested, it is your right to speak to a criminal lawyer and the police must, by law, allow you to access a lawyer within a specific period of time (which may vary from country to country). It is a good idea to pre-source a local lawyer and keep their number in your smartphone, as you never know when you might need a lawyer.

Be Compliant

It will do you no good to be troublesome in the event you are arrested. Even if you think you have done nothing wrong, once you are in the system, you have to be processed. Of course, the sooner you get to see a lawyer, the better. If you are emotional, it won’t help you; rather you should take stock of the situation and be optimistic. It is never as bad as you first think and being arrested doesn’t automatically mean you will be convicted.


In most cases, the charged person receives bail on their own surety. However, there are occasions where bail would not be available, such as:

  • Murder/manslaughter
  • Violent crime
  • Serious fraud
  • Sex offences

Of course, your lawyer would apply for bail as soon as possible, should you be held in custody and they are normally successful. Once you are released, you can sit with your lawyer and prepare your defence.

24/7 Contact

A criminal lawyer would have an out of office hours emergency number, which you can call 24/7 and the lawyer would get to your location as soon as possible. As mentioned several times, you are advised to not to say anything to anyone, even other detainees. This is very important and your appointed lawyer will be with you in no time.

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